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TOP Barcelona Festivals

Font magic barcelonaBarcelona festivals are almost always full of dancing, processions and spectacular firework displays.

If you are here on the 23/24 September you can enjoy the festival of La Mercè which is the largest of all festivals in Barcelona.

As with many Spanish festivals they often have a religious significance to them.

Definitely not to be missed as they are amongst the top attractions and integral to the culture and lifestyle of the beautiful city of Barcelona.

Barcelona Festivals


Eve of Dia de Reyes (Three Kings Day)

The 5 January is the eve of Kings Day and is celebrated with colorful parades for the magical three kings who brought gifts of Frankinsense, Gold and Myrrh to the baby Jesus.

Dia de Reyes (Three Kings Day)

Epiphany (Twelfth Night) 6 January is a national holiday in Spain and it’s also the day when Spanish children receive their Christmas presents.


Santa (Saint) Eulàlia Feast Day

12 February

The feast day of Santa Eulàlia (Les Festes de Santa Eulàlia) is on the 12 February and the celebrations to mark the day of the co-patron saint of Barcelona last for 4 days. The Cathedral of Santa Eulàlia (La Seu) is the Barcelona Gothic cathedral which is the seat of the Archbishop of Barcelona and dedicated to Eulàlia.

There are many activities for children and the festival is also known as La Laiafestival website

Carnival-time in Barcelona

The pre-lent Carnestoltes (carnivals) are usually held in February and include parades of giants (gegantes) and the large heads (capgrossos).

This is the time to have fun and enjoy life before the fasting period begins. The streets of Barcelona are full of people celebrationing and dancing in the Gran Rua de Carnaval parade.

Another popular custom throughout Catalunya is the building of human castles (castellers) which involve people standing on each others shoulders.


Easter   ‘Semana Santa’ (Holy Week) in Barcelona

Easter in Barcelona is one of the best times to visit Barcelona and enjoy the traditional festivities of Easter in Spain.

Spring is here and now is a great time to explore this lovely Catalan capital.


Romantic Barcelona Festival

Sant Jordi Day (St George’s Day)
23 April

romantic day in barcelonaToday is a very romantic celebration in Barcelona.

Día de Sant Jordi – St George’s Day (patron saint of Catalunya), is the day when lovers and friends exchange gifts.

Roses are usually given to women and men are given a book (although often both just exchange books).


Feria de Abril de Catalunya

Fantastic annual April festival with lots of food and drink, live music and dance performances. This amazing festival attracts people from all over the world and is free to attend.

Held in Placa de Catalunya

Fira de Sant Ponç

11 MAY

Celebrated by the city’s herbalists in Carrer de l’Hospital.

  • JUNE

Start of June – SONAR Music Festival which lasts for 4 days.

Sónar  Festival

(Festa de la Música)  – Celebration of music and the streets are full of the sounds of clarinets, electrical guitars, jazz and rock.

Sant Joan –  23 June

The summer solstice is celebrated in Catalunya on the Eve of Sant Joan (St John) on June 23rd. Each barri (neighborhood) has their own celebration which includes fireworks and bonfires in the main squares.

On this the longest day of the year the streets overflow with people dancing and partying and much Cava and coca (Catalan cake) is enjoyed by all making it one of the popular Barcelona festivals.

Festival of “el Grec”

Includes a variety of cultural events and open air theatrical performances at the Greek Theatre on Montjuïc.


Sants Festival (Sants-Montjuïc)

23 – 29 August

This local festivity is a great event lasting for eight days from Sunday to Saturday.

There are street parties and rock concerts, activities for children, dances, sardanas, the singing of habaneras, human towers, the dance of giants, meals, games, baths of foam and a long list of activities to entertain all.

Circuit Festival

10 days of partying with 30 parties and over 60 DJs and lots of activities


Diada Nacional de Catalunya

11 September

Catalunya National Day –  commemorates the day the Catalan troops were defeated by the Bourbon king Philip V of Spain on 11 September 1714 at the Siege of Barcelona during the War of the Spanish Succession.

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La Mercè

18 – 26 September

Barcelona Festivals La MerceLa Mare de Deu de la Merce – Our Lady of Mercy, is the patron saint of Barcelona and La Mercè is the most important festival of the year.

Celebrations include sardanas (national dance of Catalunya) and the traditional human castles (castellers).

There are parades through the streets and sailing, regattas and swimming events.

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Cava Week

Celebrate Cava Week and take the Cava Train from Barcelona to Sant Sadurní d’Anoia. Every year this grape growing town celebrates the harvest with a major festival of gastronomic and cultural events.

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Rambla-Festes del Roser (Virgin of the Roser)

5 or 7 October

Organised by the Associació d’Amics, Veïns i Comerciants, friends, residents and shopkeepers, of the Rambla, with the support of the District of Ciutat Vella.

Local festivity in honor of the Virgin of the Roser. For three days the feast of Roser is celebrated with exhibitions and fairs in the New Fair of Craftsmanship in the Avenue Santa Mònica.

The Fair of the Catalan Informative Group of Popular Traditions in the Post Arc del Teatre, the Exhibition of Mushrooms and the Exhibition of Floral Art in the Palau of the Vicereine. The festival closes with a dinner at La Bouqueria.


Tots Sants (All Saints Day)

1 November

Tots Sants (All Saints’ Day) is celebrated all over Spain. Families remember their loved ones who have died by going to the cemetery and lighting candles. Special little marzipan cakes called Panellets are prepared and eaten on this day in Catalunya.

Panellets (Catalan for little breads) are made of sugar, potatoes, almonds, eggs, pine nuts, candied cherries and many are often spiced with cinnamon.


Christmas in Barcelona

Christmas in Barcelona – This is lovely time to visit Barcelona to see all the amazing Christmas decorations and nativity scenes, sample traditional Catalan seasonal goodies and indulge in Cava – the sparkling wine. Learn about the Catalan tradition of Caga Tió and the Cagnager!

On New Year’s Eve the obligatory 12 white grapes are eaten on every stroke of the clock at midnight. Traditional dishes of seafood and other goodies are washed down with bottles of sparkling Barcelona Cava wine.

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